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Feuerstein’s Fire #338 on Once a Metro

American Soccer Talk with some Red Bulls at the end

Feuerstein’s Fire on Once a Metro

Welcome back to another fantastic show on American Soccer as well as some discussion on the New York Red Bulls. Well folks once again World Cup Qualifying is upon us as the US Men;s National Team will be ready to face another round to try and qualify for Russia.

Two big games as the USA will host Costa Rica at Red Bull Arena on Friday, September 1st and then going on the road as they take on Honduras down in San Pedro Sula. Joining me to discuss these games is veteran soccer writer Michael Lewis.

Then sadly for a short amount of time John Jagou joins me to discuss Mexico’s next two qualifiers as they host Panama at the Azteca and then go on the road to face Costa Rica in San Jose at the National Stadium.

Kartik Krishnaiyer of World Soccer Talk joins me on the Second Divisions Segment to discuss the situation of the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. It’s such a tough time for those players, front office staff, vendors who participated on selling food, drink and concessions to the fans and let’s not forget the fans who are suffering because their club is almost gone.

Then in the Red Bulls Hour the final regular season match up in the New York City Derby as this final match ended in a one goal draw and joining me is Michael Anderer of Blue City Radio as we discuss the match and of course the greatest troll job RBNY could ever do as the blue side of NYC is forced to move a home game to East Hartford, CT at the home of UCONN’s College Football Team.


MICHAEL LEWIS: Writes for NY Newsday & Front Row Soccer Previewing USA WCQ’s
JOHN JAGOU: Soccer Chronicles writer and Cantina MX Podcast on MEX WCQ’s
2ND DIVISION SEGMENT: Kartik Krishnaiyer on the issues of the Ft. Lauderdale Strikers
RED BULLS HOUR: Recapping the 1-1 draw with NYCFC and Michael Anderer of Blue City Radio joins me to recap the match.