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US Open Cup Stories: Penalties

The club is 2-1 in the penalty round shootout

Seattle Sounders FC v Sporting Kansas City
More stories on the US Open Cup involving the Red Bulls.
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It’s getting tougher and tougher to make up these stories for this club, but there is so much to discuss about the past and of course the past games of this season. The ultimate prize is trying to win the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup.

As always this match will be broadcasted live on ESPN 2 at 9PM EDT - 8PM CDT as they will travel to Kansas City, Kansas to face Sporting Kansas City at Children’s Mercy Park. But now we go and discuss about a subject that can be happy, angry, stomach churning and any other adjective you can think of.

That’s right I’m talking about the penalty round shootout as this club has been apart of three shootouts against two sides. As everyone knows the shooters are the ones who have to think about where they will put the ball and have the confidence to shoot it at the spot they decide to take.

The only thing the goalkeeper has to do is guess which way the ball will go so he can try to stop it. Well the three times the Metro/RBNY has faced opponents in the penalty round shootout they are two and one with the first one being on the road.

In the 2000 Quarterfinals it took the MetroStars eight rounds to win the shootout on the road at Columbus Crew Stadium, you had veterans that played for their respected National Teams like Adolpho Valencia of Colombia, Tab Ramos of the USA.

After Ramos & Brian McBride exchanged goals in regulation, nothing came from golden goal extra time. That means it was up to the goalkeepers to try and make a big save. Matt Napoleon for the Crew and Tim Howard for the MetroStars

First round was Adolpho Valencia and Robert Waryzcha and both men converted, Billy Walsh & McBride converted in the 2nd round, Marc Chung & Steve Jolley scored in rounds 3 & 4 respectively, while John Wilmar Perez and former Metro Miles Joseph scored as well.

But the fifth round was the turning point for someone to advance into the Semi-Finals. As Tab Ramos tried to go to his left, Napoleon guessed right to stop it and that meant Howard had to come up big. He did so by saving Jason Farrell’s penalty and he quieted the crowd.

Rounds six and seven were converted for both sides as Ramiro Corrales & Steve Shak scored for the Metro, then Roland Aguilera & Todd Yeagley scored as well. Then we get to the eighth round and the hope is that someone scores and someone misses.

Mike Petke converted his penalty with ease for the Metro which meant Mike Lapper had to match it, but the look on Lapper’s face might have meant that he didn’t look comfortable. He took the spot kick and it sailed over the crossbar and that was the one that ended the night in the Metros favor.

The next two were against the Philadelphia Union and both were at Red Bull Arena. Once again the Red Bulls who had chance after chance to convert in this Quarterfinal of 2015 could only muster a Lloyd Same late equalizer in second half stoppage time.

A shot in extra time that could’ve been the winner was nailed off the post and out, but when the shootout began, Bradley Wright-Phillips had his mental hiccups and nailed woodwork. Everyone else scored except for the fourth round as both Lloyd Sam & Fred Carreiro were saved, but that run ended in a hard way.

Of course this season they got revenge after Sacha Kljestan and Roland Alberg converted their chances in regulation, nothing in extra time then we get to the shootout as Ryan Meara beat his counterpart John McCarthy by stopping Fafa Picault’s chance.

Penalty shootouts are fun to watch and the excitement is palpable, but of course it’s never fun if your side is the one that is on the losing side. We shall see if this final will have that shootout and if it’s going to be exciting.