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US Open Cup Stories: Jolley & Pope

When two defenders picked up the goal scoring and won the game.

Steve Jolley Of The MetroStars
When the defenders became the goal scorers.
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

As I continue with this series of US Open Cup memories by this club either as the MetroStars or the New York Red Bulls, let me first take the time to say thank you to all of you who have read these stories.

As I look at the comments made in either twitter or facebook, I have already done my part to make this memory lane a fun one and at the same time the excitement that is coming on in one big week.

The US Open Cup Final will be on Wednesday, September 20th at 9PM EDT at Children’s Mercy Park against Sporting Kansas City. This next installment of my US Open Cup Stories we will discuss the fourth round crazy match in 2003 at the Columbus Crew.

This was a match where you saw some future players coming into their own mixed in with some strong veterans and you have two solid sides going against each other that just want to battle hard and advance to the next round.

The young players section was coming from Edson Buddle who exploded in MLS action and converted twice quickly within a two minute span in the 10th & 11th minutes. But something happened very quickly as an MLS veteran made a huge error in favor of the Metro.

Brian Maisonneuve made the first wrong move in this fourth round match up as he accidentally put the ball into his own net and helped the club get back in this match. Even though he did make up for this with a goal for the Crew in the 43rd Minute, the damage had already been done.

Because the second half became all Metro which usually means Clint Mathis, Amado Guevara or at the time Jaime Moreno would find a way to make the comeback stick, but instead the goals came from the backline and they made them stick for good.

After the second half began it took nine minutes for center back Steve Jolley to take a shot on frame and make the score three to two. Then it would be Eddie Pope’s turn to take a chance and he would be the one to put the club ahead and advance to the Quarterfinals.

Scoring the second equalizer on his own in the 77th minute and then adding a brace himself in the 86th, yet it took a straight red card from Brian West in the 68th minute to put the Crew down to ten men and for Pope it was an easy time to get this victory.

Usually the attackers would be the ones to score these goals or set up the comeback to force extra time or to earn the match winner, this time around it would be the defenders who became the goal scorers.

The funny thing about this story after doing some research on it, the match referee on Wednesday, September 20th will be Hilario Grajeda, but in this matchup back in 2003 he was the bench side assistant while Kevin Stott was the main referee.

So get ready for another fantastic article on another great memory tomorrow morning as I discuss another Metro/RBNY moment in the US Open Cup and then get ready for the final in one solid week.