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US Open Cup Stories: Amado Guevara

Since his time with Metro was over, he is the only player to score five US Open Cup Goals

New York Red Bulls v Chicago Fire
He leads the Mighty Metro in US Open Cup Goals
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In the next story during our preparation for this big Championship Final for the New York Red Bulls, we remember the man who gave this club a ride when he came over from Honduras.

The maestro in the midfield as Amado Guevara was brought over by first year head coach Bob Bradley to work his magic to make the midfield as strong as possible and deliver to the strikers like Clint Mathis who was the clubs big time goal scorer at that time.

You saw some great goals he converted or assisted during that first season for Guevara as he set up John Wolyniec for the biggest goal of that season as Golden Goal was introduced with the first extra time halves that last five minutes after a ninety minute regulation time.

It was in the final months of the regular season at Giants Stadium when the NFL grid lines were fashionable in the fall, Guevara placed the ball on the Metro 47yd line and as he delivered a perfect ball towards the end zone of the Columbus Crew a beautiful one time volley by Wolyniec that splashed the inside of the near upper corner.

Most of Guevara’s goals came in the 2003 edition of the US Open Cup as they started in the third round at the Mid Michigan Bucks as he scored the match winner in the 5th minute till three more were converted after the 83rd minute.

Didn’t convert in that wild and crazy game in Columbus against the Crew in the fourth round, but scored the match winner in the Quarterfinals against the New England Revolution at Yurcak Field on the campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.

Both sides were down a man after Joey Franchino & Clint Mathis were shown red cards after they both had handbags at five paces. But in the 116th minute of extra time Guevara was the one who got the big chance and stayed onside to bury his shot.

He sent the home town fans into a frenzy as the Metro would head to the Semi-Finals for the fourth time in their short history and when they would face DC United for the first time in Open Cup play.

Guevara would score twice after Ivan Galanov gave the visitors a lead in the 18th minute. The first goal came two minutes after Galanov scored then late in the first half he scored his second goal to get a lead at half time.

His fifth goal and club leading US Open Cup goal came in the 2006 edition as Guevara converted an equalizer at RFK Stadium as he scored his 3rd Open Cup goal against DC United. But since he ended his playing career back with Montagua in Honduras.

Amado Guevara will always been known as a magician with the ball as well as a hard working midfielder who always wanted the spotlight to lead the team to victory, it was a pleasure to watch him play and we will see if any of the Red Bulls of today can tie or surpass him on that stat.