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Danone Nations Cup success at Red Bull Arena

A promising future for players to their respective FA;s

MLS: Chicago Fire at New York Red Bulls
Red Bull Arena hosting the Danone Nations Cup
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an interesting three days in the NYC tri-state area as the Danone Nations Cup, ended with two solid finals in both sections as Brazil and Canada ended their Girls final in penalties after at 2-2 draw, but a late miss gave Brazil the title.

Meanwhile the boys final had some strong play as well, but it was Mexico who would thump Argentina to win the boys division by a final of two goals to nil. A chip shot over the keeper and then a late tally towards the end ofregulation.

The Danone Nations Cup came to the United States to promote soccer, children playing the game and health through food. The Danone company that uses their Dannon arm to sponsor the tournament.

This tournament has shown some pretty good play on the field with these kids at the age level of 10 to 12 years. The USA also showed a lot of promise and when their final matches were played, the Girls won in penalties over France, while the boys dropped their match against South Korea.

But the best moment came when former US Women’s National Team striker Abby Wambach who was the ambassador for this years tournament met the kids from both groups and talked to the media before the finals began.

She was already committed to be apart of this tournament without hesitation, including with the first girls tournament in the 2017 Danone Nations Cup. But how easy was it for Wambach to be the ambassador for this youth tournament?

“For me it was so easy to sign up, not just because I use their products personally but I felt they want to be apart of a tournament where kids want to play for their national team.” said Wambach. “Also for this tournament for the first time to allow girls to play this year, shows me this company is invested into the game for the girls and women.”

We always want to make sure in this country that future players of both Men’s and women’s national teams find a way to improve their skills in a major tournament setting and from what I have seen from the final is that every country should participate in this Danone Nations Cup every single year.

Some of the skills from the defenders, attackers and goalkeepers look very advanced for their youth group with their tactical awareness, their understanding of the game and preparing to take the shot or making the save.

We always preach about the technical ability that needs to be in the advancement for the players of tomorrow and so far you do see that with Christian Pulisic who plays with Borussia Dortmund of the German Bundasliga, but if we can have a tournament that can make that process go a bit faster, then the Danone Nations Cup is the one you should be looking for.

Next years tournament will be held in Japan and hopefully the boys and girls sides that will represent our country will fly over and give a solid showing whoever they are drawn in their group can try to advance tothat final and raise the Danone Nations Cup trophy.