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Hate DC Week is Back

Time to hate DC again and maybe at the right time

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Columbus Crew SC
Jesse Marsch getting ready for hate DC week
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a terrible week for the Red Bulls as a scoreless draw at home to the Union led to the US Open Cup loss at Sporting Kansas City to the one goal loss at the Columbus Crew.

“We’ve been on the road and it’s been hard, it wears down any team. It’s obviously taken it’s toll on us, but I think our group is strong. We’ve stayed together, we’ve put gritty hard performances together, they haven’t all been wins lately.” said Jesse Marsch.

“I don’t think we’re deterred from that I think we know we still have a good team and go to tough places and played well, we just need to find a way to get more leads and more wins and that will come. We need to get them quickly and figure out things to get better in these few short weeks, we should be alright.”

The games in hand are now starting to catch up and it will be a big test this coming Wednesday to quickly earn three points back at Red Bull Arena, which means something big is coming back. That’s right folks, welcome back to Hate DC Week.

“Last year in DC we got our rear end kicked in the first game, when we learned from that, we put more into it and even though it was only a draw, we played better. DC is coming and it will be a fight, a rivalry match so it will be bigger and understand what will require.” said Marsch.

DC United is coming off a big win against the San Jose Earthquakes at RFK Stadium and the man who led the charge was the ever dangerous Patrick Mullins as he converted all four goals to take the full three points.

“It should give them a lot of confidence, he’s their second leading goal scorer with scoring four goals in one game. So we will know that he will have a lot of confidence going into this game.” said Marsch, “We respect him anyways every time we face him and his ability around the goal.”

It’s always fun to see Ben Olson inside his technical area when he is interacting with his players on the pitch a well as on the bench, just how much does it get for Marsch when he has to battle wits with him.

“I think there are other coaches in this league who are boisterous, but Benny is just intense and respectful. His terms are just like that, when you are dealing with Benny and his teams who are just like him.

So when you are dealing with Benny teams, he likes to do things tactically that they want to do. He never backs down, fights in every game even if they are well out of a playoff spot.”

Since their signing of Paul Arriola it looks like that bulldog mentality is back for DC in the midfield as he showed that for Xolos in Liga MX as well a for the US Men’s National Team. You wonder if the Red Bulls need to be aware of this because he is new to the rivalry.

“I’ve heard people describe Benny (Olson) to Paul (Arriola) I guess that’s a fair enough assessment, but I don’t think that’s why Benny got him. He’s a good player, he works hard, he cares about the right things, he’s works for the team.” said Marsch, “He’s a selfless guy and he’s brought positive energy to the team and we need to mark him well.”

Updates on the Red Bulls as Bradley Wright-Phillips won’t be suspended on yellow card accumulation, he was removed from the list before the matches last weekend. So BWP will be on the pitch for the match this Wednesday.

Daniel Royer is a full go for this game and it looks like he might start this match instead of coming off the bench, so he will be in the eighteen man game roster for this Wednesday.

Head on over to Red Bull Arena and get ready for another battle as Hate DC Week returns to Red Bull Arena and let’s see if they can get the full three points at home to break this winless streak.