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Kedie Johnson goes full Titi in T&T

A young Trinidadian’s wonder-goal conjures memories of one of Thierry Henry’s finest moments at Red Bull Arena

Columbus Crew v New York Red Bulls Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

The MLS off-season offers a lot of activity: transfer myths, rumors, and realities; seemingly incessant league expansion; abundant speculation about the commercial and playing priorities of teams, the league, and (this season, at least) US Soccer; and drafts - many, many drafts. But, for the moment anyway, there is precious little actual MLS-relevant soccer. The sound you hear is Once A Metro stretching to fill that particular void.

Over in Trinidad, the 2018 CONCACAF U-20 Women’s Championship kicked off on January 18. The home team started its opening match well, scoring against Haiti in the third minute. Eight minutes later, Kedie Johnson doubled T&T’s lead with an Olimpico.

The lead didn’t last: Haiti’s Nerilia Mondesir - a presumptive star of the tournament - scored a hat-trick to clinch victory for her team.

What does this have to do with the New York Red Bulls? Nothing at all. Though it does conjure memories of that time Thierry Henry gave Red Bull Arena an Olimpico to call its own.

The Red Bulls won’t kick a ball in anger in 2018 until February 22, when they start their competitive season with a CONCACAF Champions League game against Olimpia. So thanks to Kedie Johnson for reviving a warm RBNY memory on a cold January night (in New York; not so much in Trinidad).

Johnson and the rest of the T&T U-20 Women’s team are back in action on January 20.


Wait, wait...there’s more.

Like the man said: Kedie Johnson wears Thierry Henry’s number. It’s fate. Sign her up, RBNY - the team needs a new set-piece taker.