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Kaku’s penalty beats the Union

Alejandro Romero Gamarra’s penalty after Video Review keeps the Red Bulls behind Atlanta United by a point.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Philadelphia Union
Kaku holds up a shirt after converting the winning penalty.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Red Bulls came down to Chester for a big match to take on the Philadelphia Union to stay next to Atlanta United in the standings which both sides are separated by a single point. The Red Bulls came out of Talen Energy Stadium with the full three points winning by one goal to nil.

In the 68th minute the Red Bulls were awarded a penalty after video review as they earned a corner along the far side. Once the cross was sent towards the Union area the ball was cleared and the home side was attacking the other way.

A yellow card was issued to Fafa Picault for unsporting behavior, but Referee Ted Unkel was being informed by VAR assistant Jon Freemon to head to the monitor on the west side of the stadium. The replays were very telling as the Red Bulls were about to get a decision in favor towards them.

As the Union were defending the corner inside their own area, Alejandro Bedoya ran into his own teammate and had his arms up in an un-natural position, which meant he handled the ball and after review Unkel made the motion for VAR and pointed to the spot.

Kaku was given the ball to take the spot kick in the 69th minute. When the whistle blew, Andre Blake went to the near post while Kaku shot it towards the far post and converted the chance. That goal kept the Red Bulls close to Atlanta United who won their match against the Chicago Fire by a final score of two goals to one.

Luis Robles earned his thirteenth clean sheet this season by making some solid saves in the first half and a diving two handed punching save to keep the Union off the scoreboard. This was a game where Robles was on his toes for the full ninety minutes.

But this short match up between these two sides since 2010 has been solid with results going to either side, yet it just got heated up towards the end of the first half as there was a fracas between the two teams.

While it looked like handbags in five paces, now you can definitely say that this match up has truly become a real rivalry with a spot of nastiness that has finally boiled over. These two clubs have finally reached a level of where Mets Vs. Phillies, Knicks Vs. Sixers, NY Giants Vs. Eagles and as always Rangers Vs. Flyers have always been.

“This game was like what we thought and knew like always. Philadelphia is a difficult opponent and we now know this is the best team that the Union have put together. Give Jim Curtain and his staff a great job.” said Chrsi Armas.

“Their pressing was strong and they tried to overload on our left side, we adjusted to that and our guys hung in there and give credit to the guys who also had to handle the wind conditions that was giving us a few problems.”

So as the Red Bulls headed back up north on the New Jersey Turnpike they know very well that next week will be the final match of the 2018 regular season and the hope is to see themselves winning at Red Bull Arena while they hope that Atlanta United trip up at Toronto FC