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Red Bulls fans must believe in miracles

We need a miracle to get past Atlanta United.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Atlanta United FC
Chris Armas is ready for the inevitable
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

There is no other way to describe it, explain it, or put it into words of anyone’s choosing. The New York Red Bulls must score multiple goals to get towards extra time, or to surpass the totals of Atlanta United and advance to the MLS Cup Final.

It was their worst performance in the playoffs when they allowed Atlanta United to bury three goals into their net, and now they have to get out of a big hole, to climb the MLS Cup Mountain andpossibly host the final.

While there is disappointment, heartbreak and yes “Same Old Metro” returns to the lips of every supporter of the club that began as the founding member of this league back in 1996, the New York Red Bulls are going to try and defy the odds, and if they do with the away goals rule, this could be the biggest upset in the history of all 2nd legs.

But how many times was the word Miracle being used in the history of New York Sports? Of course we can discuss the 1969 New York Jets in Super Bowl III representing the AFL, defeating then Baltimore Colts who were in the NFL.

Or how about in 1994 when Mark Messier said the New York Rangers were going to win game six of the Eastern Conference Finals and scored a hat trick to force a game seven at Madison Square Garden over the New Jersey Devils, which led them to win their Stanley Cup.

Guarantees or miracles have happened in the history of the MLS Cup playoffs as we remember the San Jose Earthquakes back on November 9th in 2003, coming back from a 4-0 goal aggregate hole against the Los Angeles Galaxy, and won it in extra time 5-4 by former Metro striker Rodrigo Faria.

This is the situation that the Red Bulls have put themselves into, they are well aware that for this comeback to truly become a miracle, they must keep Atlanta United off the scoreboard for the full ninety minutes.

It’s really simple as the Red Bulls need to score three goals to force extra time, four or more to take advantage of the aggregate and as I have said many times, they must keep their opponents off the scoreboard to remain on course to host the Final next weekend.

This has been a hard moment for all the supporters, because we all thought we were going to get a fantastic match in the 1st leg, with a high flying press of the Red Bulls to take on the dynamic South American superstars of Atlanta United.

Instead what happened was the biggest egg of a performance was laid by the Red Bulls. But that doesn't matter anymore. What matter’s is that every single Red Bulls fan must come to Red Bull Arena and show the American Soccer Community, that this soccer arena is the best home field advantage in MLS.

Show the world that this series is not dead and buried. Go out there and sing, clap, cheer and make some noise that the players know, all of you are firmly behind them and that this could be the biggest miracle in the history of the MLS Cup playoffs.