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Philadelphia Union is still looking for a rival

You’ll find one some day, Philly. We believe in you.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Philadelphia Union Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Union will have two representatives at eMLS Cup, which will make eMLS Cup twice as much fun for Philadelphia Union fans, I guess.

Anyway, the club announced the signing of its second pro FIFA player by burning a couple of jerseys, because...other teams have been dumping jerseys at Talen Energy Stadium? It’s cold in Chester, PA at this time of year? There’s a contest for the world’s saddest campfire?

Oh...They’re burning NYCFC and RBNY jerseys. Because rivalry. Or maybe the Union read Marc de Grandpre’s recent interview with ROI-NJ in which he revealed the Red Bulls’ merchandise sales are on fire.

Thanks for chipping in to help RBNY’s record-breaking revenues, Philly.

We look forward to seeing you again in the one game every year between the Union and RBNY that seems to count for something: whatever round of US Open Cup puts the teams up against each other.

Til then, all the best in eMLS Cup.