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Report: US Soccer finds new way to be villainous

You’re a mean one, Mr Cordeiro

Universal Studios’ Launch Of The ‘13 Days Of Grinchmas’ Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Not content with occupying a building that looks like the setting for a Dickensian tale about the mistreatment of impoverished children...

...nor satisfied with nurturing accusations of negligence and nepotism for spending more than a year dawdling over the decision to appoint the brother of one its top executives to the position of head coach of the men’s national team...

...US Soccer has brought fresh material to its ongoing effort to transform itself from bland sports administrator to pantomime villain: Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl has revealed USSF is being sued

The USSF doing the suing in this instance is the US Soccer Foundation - a 25-year-old charity that focuses on making soccer more accessible to kids, particularly those from low-income and impoverished families.

As Ed Foster-Simeon - Charity USSF’s president and CEO - told Wahl: “We’re talking 90% of the kids that we’re reaching are on free and reduced school lunch, which is a key indicator of poverty.”

Sounds like good work. Why sue the other USSF - the US Soccer Federation? Because US Soccer has allegedly been trying to bully Charity USSF out of its name and trademarks. Despite - per Foster-Simeon - using the activities of the charity as part of its successful pitch to FIFA to host the 2026 World Cup, US Soccer has decided there’s only room for one USSF in the American soccer landscape. Charity USSF is suing to protect itself, seeking a ruling that states it does indeed have right and proper ownership of the name “US Soccer Foundation” and associated brand collateral.

It is not a good look for US Soccer, but if US Soccer cared about looking good it wouldn’t have bungled the optics on the one big hiring decision it needed to make this year.