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RBNY transfer rumors: Will #KakuWatch end on Groundhog Day?

Will #KakuWatch end on Groundhog Day?

Huracan v Boca Juniors - Torneo Primera Division 2016/2017 Photo by Marcelo Endelli/LatinContent/Getty Images

Will #KakuWatch end on Groundhog Day?

It seems that the long saga involving the Red Bulls’ $5-6.3 million transfer of Huracan No. 10 Alejandro Romero “Kaku” Gamarra is finally coming to a conclusive end.

After multiple reports out of Argentina on Thursday that the deal to send Kaku to the Red Bulls had been finalized, several Red Bulls fans waited at JFK Airport on early Friday morning and managed to get the 23-year-old attacker on camera:

Unless Kaku is just looking for a good Super Bowl watch party, it’s reasonable to suggest that he’s in the area to meet with the Red Bull brass.

Assuming he passes his medical (and he looks to be in decent shape based on recent photos), he will likely sign a contract for the team today or over the weekend.

Of course, based on how crazy this entire saga has been at times, the one question that nobody’s asking still remains:

Will #KakuWatch end on Groundhog Day?