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Fox Sports ready for 1st World Cup Broadcast

Fox Sports pulling all the stops to get people excited for this summers World Cup

Soccer: FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour
Fox Sports is getting ready for the World Cup
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

The biggest sporting event is about to begin across the globe and everyone will be watching what happens in Russia. While it will be difficult to know that the USA is not competing in this summer’s World Cup, Fox Sports will be ready to show it to everyone in the states.

They have pulled all the stops to get former and current professional athlets as well as actors to get everyone excited to watch the World Cup and hope that they can grab a big audience to watch.

Now they will be showing on You Tube as well as their networks of Fox National and Fox Sports 1 all of their commercials to broadcast the world cup with current and former professional athletes as well as actors getting ready for this famous summer tournament.

Remember the time that Uruguay's attacker Luis Suarez bit into the shoulder of an Italian defender? Well we see former Boxing Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield sitting on his couch remembering when he fought "Iron" Mike Tyson who bit a piece of his ear off.

Then we see Deadpool sitting on a couch inside the home of former World Soccer Superstar David Beckham amd introducing him to the TV audience, then insults Beckham because Wayne Rooney wasn't around to join them.

Then you see current Philadelphia 76ers player Joel Embiid of the NBA telling the fans to get ready for the World Cup, Alex Morgan already up and on her treadmill and studio hosts Rob Stone and Alexi Lalss yapping on the glass of a tv to get the soccer fan to wake up and go watch.

You have a bunch of people playing FIFA, watching FIFA, celebrating goals and all of this chaos begins with a kid sitting in a city bus listening to music on his smartphone and being interrupted by a tv voice as a soccerball on fire leaves space and hurdles to the Earth getting ready for the World Cup.

Since the USA isn't there Fox will follow Mexico and Chronicle their attempts to get into a deep run. Seeing the Dos Santos Brothers in Giovanni & Jonathan walk off the plane and heading to the main terminal at the Moscow International airport.

But there are some small side videos that are funny. Like Deadpool insulting Beckham and trying to put his left hand on David's shoulder and Beckham removing it. Or how about Embiid's ball dribbling skills in the gym, but can't finish the job.

Head on to Fox Sports You tube page and checkout the full ad as you get pumped, laugh, cringe, as well as crack a smile on your face watching this ad for the broadcast of the FIFA World Cup. It should be exciting.

A new development coming from Fox Sports has informed me that there will be a studio show from Red Square it’s self from Russia. The interesting graphics of the studio will be very interesting to see and hopefully the broadcasts from the matches to the studios will be exciting to see.