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Breaking News: Captain Robles Out Against Atlanta

Luis Robles suffered a knee injury in the road match at Colorado is out and so is his streak.

Luis Robles is New York Red Bulls captain for the MLS regular-season game against Real Salt Lake; March 25, 2017
The Captain is out with a knee injury.
Matthew Stith

Breaking News has come Once a Metro's way as Starting Goalkeeper and Captain of the New York Red Bulls Luis Robles has been sidelined with a knee injury.

Robles suffered the injury last road game at the Colorado Rapids when the Red Bulls were up a goal and the attackers crashed his net and bumped Robles into the net.

The good thing about this injury is that it's only going to sideline gim for this game and he should be ready for the next home match against the Philadelphia Union.

But this injury will end his iron man streak since he was brought to the club in September of 2012. Playing and starting in 183 matches with over 16,000+ minutes. 86 wins & 52 clean sheets, Robles will now watch from the sidelines and back up Ryan Meara will start down in Atlanta.

Sad to see this streak end for Robles, but thankful that it's not going to hamper him durung the rest of the season.