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5 Questions with the RBNY Fanbase: Fernando Gonzalez

Our next guest really knows how to show the Red Bulls some tough love.

MLS: Philadelphia Union at New York Red Bulls Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

In the hours following the New York Red Bulls’ embarrassing draw-loss to Chivas de Guadalajara in the CONCACAF Champions League Semi-Finals, longtime Red Bulls supporter Fernando Gonzalez of MetroFanTV went on an absolutely spectacular rant about the team’s tournament failures - made entirely out of love of course.

After a late-night showing of Adam Sandler’s Anger Management, we sat down with Fernando to talk about the team’s current state of affairs now that the CCL is firmly in the team’s rear-view mirror.

OaM: How did you first find out about the Red Bulls/MetroStars? And, perhaps more importantly: What kept you supporting them through all these years?

Fernando G.: My dad worked at Giants Stadium back in the 90’s. He took us to a few games. My older brother was also a soccer fan first so naturally I followed his lead and got into it. Metro/RBNY made sense given they’ve always been our local team. Being a Mets fan meant I was already used to disappointment so the failures of the early years didn’t keep me away. Builds character.

OaM: What’s the most memorable RBNY/MetroStars moment you got to see in-person?

Fernando G.: Only because I missed out on bigger moments for various reasons, I’d have to say the 7-0 win. That was just a surreal game.

OaM: Who is your favorite Red Bulls player of all-time?

Fernando G.: BWP. On the field and off the field it’s been amazing to see him grow as an athlete and a person. How he carries himself and how he’s grown from his not so great past has been incredible. I’m not one to consider athletes role models, but he certainly fits the bill for me.

OaM: Now onto the more current stuff: The Red Bulls are super short-handed against NYC FC in the Open Cup - Do the Red Bulls have any chance at all of winning that game if Patrick Vieira plays his A-team?

Fernando G.: I do, mostly because NYCFC are dealing with roster issues themselves. Not to mention this game is squeezed between two crucial games for them. Orlando the Saturday before, and Atlanta the Saturday after our game. NYCFC’s A team may be their B team or a mix, just like us. I’d give a slight edge to us, but it won’t be easy.

OaM: Finally, and perhaps most important of all: Do you think Ignacio Pussetto will be a Red Bull?

Fernando G.: I think there’s a reasonable chance. There’s enough chatter about it in very reputable media outlets in Argentina, and they’re much more open there than here. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. And no doubt there is some smoke. I’d say it’s about 60/40 yes.


Many thanks to Fernando for his time and thoughts on RBNY.

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