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Chris Armas the new man in charge

Now that Jesse Marsch has left for Leipzig, The Bronx native and assistant Coach Chris Armas takes over.

The New Head Coach of the New York Red Bulls Chris Armas
Daniel Feuerstein

After the rumors of Jesse Marsch leaving the New York Red Bulls have become real, the next step for the club was to find a man who was going to believe in the way things are done on and off the pitch at the club.

They didn’t have to look to far as the club tabbed former assistant and new Head Coach of the club in the Bronx native Chris Armas as he will be managing this side in the Hudson River Derby this coming Sunday night at the big ballpark in the Bronx.

“I have known Chris Armas for over 20 years at my days as an assistant & a head coach with the Chicago Fire and here as an assistant coach with the Red Bulls.” said Sporting Director Denis Hamlett, “Now it’s truly an honor to appoint Chris Armas as the head coach of the New York Red Bulls.

When you think about Chris Armas there are couple of things that come to mind. Flat out he’s a winner. It shown during his playing days in Chicago and he’s continued to do that as an assistant coach.

He’s a competitor. For me the one thing you go back and watch him play at the midfield and compete at the highest level, it’s an amazing trait and to show that to the guys will be important. His understand of our tactics , our philosophy and our commitment to it. We are not going to change on how we do things.”

For Armas he has had many coaching jobs throughout MLS and he began his coaching career with his alma matr at Adelphia University in Garden City, NY out in Long Island. But now he will be taking on his first MLS head position with the Red Bulls.

“I am so excited. I am a New Yorker thru and thru. This is the place where I grew up playing soccer since I was yay big. Twenty something years now in Major League Soccer I’m excited to get going.” Said Chris Armas.

“Born in the Bronx and my family is from the Bronx, seeing this club from the very beginning I’m really excited to get going. I’m ready to start working, it’s a lot of work to do and I’m grateful to work with these people like Marc DeGrandpre and Denis Hamlett.

But of course it’s hard within a few minutes to show the gratitude to Jesse (Marsch) and what he has meant to me and the club and I think the people will understand that. From a soccer perspective incredible of what the tactics he has done with the team is second to none and it’s respectable.

But on a personal level the time Jesse and I have spent more people will understand that the work he puts into with being a leader. I will miss him but it has made the process for me a bit bitter sweat, but I am excited to get going and that will be in a derby match against NYCFC.”

And on Sunday night in the Bronx, Jesse Marsch will not be managing this club as Chris Armas is ready for the challenge that is ahead of him and he will be ready to take on NYCFC for bragging rights.