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Kaku’s winner beats DC

A Gamarra Goal and some stellar defending on Wayne Rooney gives the Red Bulls the full three points.

MLS: D.C. United at New York Red Bulls
A big goal from Kaku gets the Red Bulls the full three points.
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New york Red Bulls knew that their last match at Yankee Stadium wasn’t good enough when you are a man up, then allowing the equalizer. But two men up and you still can’t add a second goal to retake the lead was very hard to take. They felt they should’ve taken the full three points instead of one.

But this time they came back home to Red Bull Arena and were ready to face against their oldest rivals as Wayne Rooney joined the history of this huge derby agaisnt DC United and theRed Bulls did so by winning this contest by a final of a goal to nil.

It was in the 56th minute that the magic happened. As Michael Murillo won the ball and gave it to Tyler Adams, the US International passed it to Marc Rzatkowski who took it to the corner. Then he crossed it to the middle of the area, but there were a few DC defender to head it away.

Then it was Kaku who was able to get the ball and wanted to make a play. First he faked out the defender attacking the area, then when he got close he ripped the ball towards the inside of the front post and splashed the back of the net.

“It felt good to score against DC United, it was very important to get the three points at home. I’m very happy as I haven’t scored in a long time and fortunately I was able to do it in a derby against DC United.” said Kaku.

The rest of the match you need to look at the backline and the toughest moments for this Red Bulls side was trying to make sure that Wayne Rooney wasn’t dangerous at all. Even though the only moment he had was ripping a chance off the crossbar and out, Aaron Long & Tim Parker made sure Rooney wasn’t dangerous at all.

“It’s not just Aaron (long) of course our center backs are very talented and I keep saying they need to play for the US Men’s National Team. But it’s a total team effort especially our back four, even the sixes when you play against a world class player like Wayne Rooney.” said Luis Robles.

“It’s definitely on the to do list as we need to know where he is at all times. I felt like in the most part we frustrated him and when he got the half chance where he hit the crossbar but even that was a broken play, the center backs made sure he didn’t feel comfortable tonight.”

After the poor performance from Wednesday night into this Sunday night, what did head coach Chris Armas think about the performance from his side tonight and did it feel like what they have been doing all season long.

“Well first it’s a great win at home against a team that has been hot lately and they are a good team, so I think that we’ve faced good teams with a lot of confidence and it’s not easy to win at home or on the road.” said Chris Armas.

“In terms of their attackers you can see how good Wayne Rooney is, as we said he does make good players better and what he means to them. Compress the spaces, get in front and throughout the night it was getting better.

But as you can see Aaron Long did a great job and we’ve know for a good while now how solid he is, but you can’t talk just about Aaron because you need to talk about Tim Parker and how solid our back line is.”

And now there is a short recovery period as the rescheduled match against the Houston Dynamo will be played this coming Wednesday and then a quick trip to Montreal before the International break comes in.

But finally it was fantastic to see a former player and a familiar face grace the halls and the luxury boxes of Red Bull Arena. The former French and Arsenal striker Thierry Henry came to see his old side perform in this derby and it was fantastic to see him in person inside the Red Bulls locker room.