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Discussing the crazy Kaku transfer situation

Alejandor Romero Gamarra will remain with the Red Bulls, after this Transfer Window situation has brought terror to the supporters of the club.

MLS: Eastern Conference Semifinal-New York Red Bulls at Columbus Crew SC
The TRansfer situation with Kaku is over, he is staying.
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

This pre-season training camp has been very quiet for the Red Bulls, as they get their 2019 season underway. They are getting ready to face their MLS opponents, hope to know when they will face a US Open Cup Opponent within June, but of course to take on Club Atletico Pantoja of the Dominican Republic in the CONCACAF Champions League in late February.

But while all that has been the plan from the start, a brand-new menace has crept into camp that some felt blindsided to, at the same time that blind sidedness hit the fan base very hard and it involved the man who just played one single season for the Red Bulls in 2018.

Alejandro Romero Gamarra, also known as Kaku has shaken up the fan base by talks of, wanting to leave the Red Bulls and joining Club America of Mexico to have the chance to move more family members and watch him play.

But at the same time, we have seen plenty of videos from the New York Red Bulls social media accounts, showing Kaku looking happy, working hard in training and was also involved in a 2-1 pre-season win over Swedish club IF Elfsborg. He doesn’t look disgruntled, he’s been performing in the morning and afternoon sessions to get himself prepared for the season to begin.

Yet the rumors have been flying rampant and we have already seen some friendly back and forth with the supporters of RBNY and Club America. But if Kaku looks to be o.k. with his current club, why has there been such a negative discussion of him leaving after one season?

Well the answer is very simple. This is the silly season for the winter transfer window within Mexico and it smells like money is the big issue that is the root cause of this. It means that Kaku’s agent Gustavo Casasola is the one who has been doing all the dirty work to force a transfer out of the club.

If you have heard about the dirty, underhanded tricks that has been making the rounds from Mr. Casasola, the tactics are unbelievable and reaching the Spanish American soccer media has hit a huge level of “What the Hell is being discussed” on this situation.

From Franco Panizo here is a tweet that he was able to translate from the radio interview with Fox Desportes Radio that was from Kaku’s agent Gustavo Casasola.

While the agent was discussing the situation with all media outlets, he was also handling all of Kaku’s social media outlets. Twitter, Instagram and anything else that he can get his finger tips on top of. The number one club that was a part of these discussions of a transfer was Liga MX powerhouse side Club America who plays at the Estadio Azteca.

All the fans down in Mexico City were feeling excited to hear about a possible transfer of the Paraguayan International to join their side, and you saw all the back and forth from twitter between the Club America supporters with the RBNY Supporters. It was interesting to see the chatter going on.

But at the end of the day the Red Bulls declined the six to seven-million-dollar transfer deal and made a counter offer of twelve million, which Club America declined. At the end of this Transfer Window in Liga MX that ended on Thursday, January 31st. Alejandro Romero Gamarra is still a New York Red Bulls Player.

Just recently speaking on a conference call with the RBNY media, Head Coach Chris Armas gave his thoughts about the entire situation and he believes that Kaku remained the professional that he has always been since coming over from Argentine side Huracan.

“We are pleased with Kaku and he has only been professional, as that whole thing came and went.” said Chris Armas, “I don’t get caught up with the emotion or the disappointment of this thing, it’s a real part of our sport and apart of our growing league.

“As we get good players in and we get good young players in here, on the inside this wasn’t a distraction, because as professionals the guys who have been around before and the staff who are leading this charge.

What we have seen before that there is interest in good young players. When Kaku comes and goes, it’s an aspiration for these guys who want to go to big clubs, it never distracted to anything we were doing here and he is committed 100% in what we are trying to do here.”

What has this whole mess of a situation that has finally calmed down and lowered the volcano meter from ten, now back to one mean? It means that at the moment, all things are back to normal and what we have seen is that whenever a transfer window opens, silly season can be tame or get nuclear in a hurry.

The Red Bulls stood their ground and allowed a lot of things to be said by Kaku’s agent which was very far fetched and at the same time somethings not so far fetched, but it sounds like a lot of dirty laundry was be thrown out there.

At the end of the day we see Kaku remains with the club, Club America has already moved on and Kaku’s agent might or might not try for round two when the summer window opens. For the very first time, we have seen these types of shenanigans when said player wants to leave or his agent has been shopping him around, to force a move.

But when the 2019 Red Bulls calendar does open with the CONCACAF Champions League round of 16 match up against Dominican Republic side Club Atletico Pantoja, then business will begin for the march of an international club title.