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New Sky Blue FC jersey unveiled ahead of Challenge Cup

Club looks to charge up season with “lightining” scheme

Sky Blue FC vs Utah Royals Photo by Daniela Porcelli/Getty Images

When one generally thinks of the words “sky blue” they conjure up images of clear, powder blue horizons. In their new 2020 kit unveiled last week, Sky Blue FC provided a different take.

The new kit provides a reflection of sky alright- but rather than the light cerulean hues that often accompany sunny days, the club opted to imitate the intimidating black of a thunderstorm. Complete with bright blue lightning decals running along the side of the jersey, the 2020 kit (nicknamed “Lightning Strikes”) certainly does not disappoint the hype that came with the 10-day promotional campaign leading up to its release.

To say it’s aesthetically pleasing may be an understatement - the kit is perhaps one of the best the club has ever seen. It makes great use of accenting the blue that makes up the club’s namesake with a much more threatening dark black.

The new threads don’t skimp on details either. While not so much of a far cry from the navy blue jersey Sky Blue so often donned last season, the addition of the lighting bolts to the side of the jersey makes a world of a difference. Ditching the monochrome template of all navy with the club badge and sponsor, the 2020 jersey provides a bit more flair- perhaps reflective of a team that’s looking to shake off years of mediocre play and put out a new and improved product on the pitch this year.