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OaM Player Ratings: New England (again)

The OaM staff gets together (again) to score the team after the Red Bulls lose in Foxboro (again)

New York Red Bulls Vs. New England Revolution At Gillette Stadium Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images


Brit Byrd: While none of the goals are ultimately his fault, the hesitation to come out and force an earlier decision from Bou left me wanting.

Juan Mesa: It worries me that he seems uncomfortable outside of Red Bull Arena but still don’t think he can be blamed for any of the goals.


Eric Friedlander: Dealt with Buchanan pretty well in one-on-one duels and played a terrific ball to Fabio which lead to Klimala goal.


Juan Mesa: Passing was off, but did well defending Gustavo Bou. Needs to be more confident with his attacking headers.

Brit Byrd: Some sloppy passing and would have liked if he could have at least harassed Jones more on his shot.


Juan Mesa: One of the best Red Bulls on the field. Great in the air, scored another goal, a lot of composure. Potential is real.


Justin Sousa: Duncan continues to develop his ability to beat players going forward, but his lack of awareness to track two runners in behind him led to the Revs’ first two goals of the game.

Eric Friedlander: Just an incredibly inconsistent player with many of those inconsistencies appearing in the defensive third.

Brit Byrd: Sometimes it’s as though he has a pre-programmed FIFA 07 animation he has to run through before resuming play after going down. This week it led to New England’s first goal.


Brit Byrd: Almost feels unfair to rate him so wildly out of position.

Ben Cork: Becoming somewhat troubled that Struber favors on-the-job training for a right back in the key 6 role rather than Sean Davis. Agree with the manager that Edwards is clean and calm on the ball but we’ve seen that from Davis as well and Edwards’ positioning frequently gave Carles Gil room in front of the New York backline. If central midfield is that thin, should probably be taking chances in the 10 role rather than with the crucial anchor position.


Ben Cork: Another steady bland solid performance. See Edwards, Tom.


Justin Sousa: When he’s 90-minutes fit, I don’t think you can keep him out of the lineup. His passing range has always been a strong suit of his, but he’s relentless and shows great footwork in tight spaces.

Ben Cork: Really hope his being held out of the starting lineup until this week’s depth chart emergency truly is a product of fitness issues rather than Struber not rating him. While there continue to be holes and mistakes in his game, he has a motor and vision on the ball that no other player in the squad does.

Juan Mesa: Struggled to keep up with Gil man-to-man but his game is growing when it comes to find partnerships in the attack. Almost scored a golazo.


Eric Friedlander: Just didn’t do enough. Needs to be more active off the ball and was caught napping on the third New England goal by Bou.

Ben Cork: Seemed quite fatigued in late first half before not making it far into the second. Has started seven games in a row now and has only gone longer than 60 minutes in one of them. Really needs to be more reliable and making more of an impact on away games if this team is going to reach a higher level.


Brit Byrd: Constantly creating chances from nothing and surprising defenders with his speed as he rounds them.

Juan Mesa: A threat to the Revs but ended exhausted. Fantastic assist on Klimala’s goal.


Brit Byrd: One of the main guys who dragged us back into the game when other teams would have quit.

Ben Cork: Well-taken goal but also his ability to combine and pick passes from a forward position is showing in recent games and further illustrates why Struber and the club sought him out.



Justin Sousa: Loved the energy he brought into the field. I thought he gave the team the extra bit of belief they needed to push the Revs until the final whistle.

Brit Byrd: While it’s still a small sample size, Carmona does not seem intimidated by first division soccer, to the point that one wonders why Struber is starting an out of position right back in midfield instead of a configuration involving the young Venezuelan.


Ben Cork: Only really seemed to function as a battering ram on both sides of the ball as the team got desperate, but hey - that’s a legitimate role.


Juan Mesa: “Hi, I am Jason Pendant. I play soccer for the New York Red Bulls.”


Brit Byrd: While it’s been a tough schedule, at a certain point the manager should ask why his team is committing so many dumb mistakes on the road. And despite knowing about Cristian Casseres’ likely Copa America obligations and Youba Diarra’s injuries for months, our next best plan is apparently to teach the 6 role to a right back for the first time in his career.

Justin Sousa: Hard to justify a good score in a loss, but Struber had this makeshift lineup humming to start the game as if they weren’t missing four (arguably five) starters. Everyone looks sold on this new project and willing to lay it all out on the field even if it comes with naive mistakes at times.

What were your scores for the New York Red Bulls this week? Sound off in the comments below...