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OaM Player Ratings: Orlando City

The gang is generous after a watershed victory in Central Florida

SOCCER: JUL 03 MLS - New York Red Bulls at Orlando City SC Photo by Andrew Bershaw/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


Lenz Ong: Anytime the goalkeeper stops a penalty in a winning effort is an immediate good game in my book, but also made a couple great saves on top of that. The big Brazilian has had a fair bit of criticism levied his way for some questionable decisions in the early going (myself included) but has now practically earned the team 4 points on the road with some excellent stops over the past two games, which will boost the confidence of any goalkeeper. As legend will tell you, David de Gea’s frustratingly inconsistent start to his Manchester United career turned around after a jaw-dropping save to deny Chelsea’s Juan Mata (yes, you’re reading that right) off a free kick, so watch this space...

Brit Byrd: Doesn’t get much better than a clutch save on a penalty that should have never been given in the first place.


Brit Byrd: His most polished, professional appearance so far. Seemed to take the step from promising youngster to natural first team player.


Eric Friedlander: Despite the turnover that led to a goal, he did a really good job matching Daryl Dike physicality and keeping him off the scoresheet, which is no easy task.

Ben Cork: Dealt with Dike’s unusual physicality without going overboard and picking up cards. The mistake leading to the Orlando goal wasn’t great, but his manager didn’t seem too upset by his willingness to be brave.


John Perdicaro: Being asked a lot again in taking a center back position alongside of Sean Nealis, however he kept a calm demeanor and kept the backline settled.

Ross Haley: The Red Bulls secured three points. Any back line featuring someone learning a new position is going to experience some growing pains. That the team has not completely fallen apart during this learning process is a testament to his abilities.


Eric Friedlander: No major mistakes, though was getting caught too high in the first half. Made some solid tackles.

Ross Haley: While lacking the end product in the final third, he was the most involved player on both sides of the ball. Teams continue to target him, but this attention has not diminished his attacking work rate. I believe he has a contract that may be nearing an end.


Ross Haley: Perhaps the most improved player under Struber, the captain is hitting long passes and exerting his control over proceedings.

Eric Friedlander: An amazing game from the captain. 4 key passes is amazing the ultimate tempo setter, an elite performance.

Brit Byrd: Everyone liked Sean Davis already, but I don’t know if anyone expected him to excel in the 6 role as well as he has this season.


John Perdicaro: Nearly had an amazing goal again. Outside of that he was all over the place, helping lock down the attack of Orlando.

Ben Cork: Appears to be gaining manager’s trust as well as hitting peak fitness, coming close to the full 90 for the first time this year.


Mike Battista: It took just over five minutes for Cristian to make his return. That stellar shot and his work in the midfield overall were a welcome sight after his Copa America departure. He stayed sharp over the full 90 as well.

Ben Cork: Left-footed blast probably good for another $500k on the eventual transfer receipt. Is getting better at creating from wide areas, a weakness in his game even in the early stretches of this season.


Ross Haley: Some would believe that the teenager would be more suited for a substitute role, providing a spark off the bench. That would not serve him or the club in the long run, although he could probably take fewer shots from distance.

John Perdicaro: Had moments of flair but he definitely needs more quality when trying to shoot on goal. Definitely see the potential.


Ben Cork: While he’s still on a temporary contract, he’s increasingly looking like the sort of player who could become a building block here. Probably doesn’t have much of a future at higher levels, but is a matchup nightmare for most MLS defenses.

Mike Battista: Six shots on goal during his near-full game performance netted him one game winning goal. Fábio is shooting more on net recently while also watching for chances to pass off and assist on attempts. He’s growing more confident while remaining a team player.


Brit Byrd: What a luxury to have a player who battles and contributes so much even when he’s shooting a foot wide on the day.



Brit Byrd: While not a bad performance, Frankie should take note that both Wiki Carmona and Omir Fernandez appear ready and able to do shifts at the tip of the midfield diamond as well.


Brit Byrd: (see above)


Mike Battista: I hope he got paid for the appearance and not by the minute.


Brit Byrd: High marks after the win of the season so far that got both players and fans buzzing. After weeks of stops, starts, and forced adjustments, Struber finally got his team firing on all cylinders away from home, and has cultivated at least three new full-time contributors in the meantime.

Mike Battista: First road win and a season sweep of Orlando are nice notches on the belt of Struber’s young tenure. His decision to not use the full set of extra subs is interesting considering Cásseres just came back from international duty yet played the full 90. He might have accidentally found a rotation that works with so many unavailable, so putting in players that don’t jell as well isn’t as attractive as when he was feeling the roster out.

What were your scores for the New York Red Bulls this week? Give us your ratings in the comments below...