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Red Bull Rant 184: Rivalry Reek

Soccer in a baseball stadium? No thanks.

Red Bull Rant 183: Kickbacks

Can you get the title quicker than Jason did?

Red Bull Rant 182: Texas 4 Step

Two steps are nice, four is better.

Red Bull Rant 181: Return of the B

The B! He's back!

Red Bull Rant 180: Let’s Go Crazy

Enough losses, time for a win!

RBR 179: I Didn’t Come Up With a Title

Seriously, we didn't come up with a title.

Red Bull Rant 178: Ref-Alution

You get a card! You get a card! Everyone gets a card!

RBR 177: The Great National Team Swindle

A tale of two teams.

Red Bull Rant 176: Felipe-ing Out

Let's Felipe together!

Red Bull Rant 175: Double O...Zero


Feuerstein's Fire #278 on Once A Metro

Discussing American Soccer On Once a Metro

Red Bull Rant 175: Opening D’oh!


Feuerstein Fire #277 on Once a Metro

Back to discuss American Soccer and first Red Bull Hour recap on Once a Metro

RBR 173: Super Kick-Off Party

The guys are back to take a look at the 2016 season.

Feuerstein's Fire last Preview Show

Finishing up Previewing the East on NE, PHI, NYC, DC, & the Red Bulls

2016 MLS Season Show #2

Finishing the West and starting the East to Preview the 2016 season

Feuerstein's Fire on Once a Metro

2016 MLS Season Preview Show #1.

Red Bull Rant 172: Miazgone

So Long. Happy Trails. Good Luck. Break a Leg. Wait, ignore the last one.

Red Bull Rant 171: Bridesmaids

...but never a bride

Designated Podcast 2015 No. 32

Let's just get past the MLS Cup already.

Designated Podcast 2015 No. 31

Gee, these guys again...

Red Bull Rant 170: You Gee El Why

It was not good looking, that's for sure.

Red Bull Rant 168: We play football

We do, we really do.

Designated Podcast: 2015 Episode 30

How did the 2nd leg of the Conference Semifinals go?

Designated Podcast: 2015 Episode 29

Episode #2 on Once a Metro is here.

RBR 166: How do you like me now, son?

Seriously, how do you like me now?

Designated Podcast: 2015 Episode 28

We welcome a new show to OaM.

Red Bull Rant 165: The Beasts in the East

1 game for it all!

Red Bull Rant 164: Ugh, Canada

We can't blame Canada...this time...

RBR 163: Sinking the yellow submarine

The yellow submarine, the yellow submarine

RBR 162: The Horror... the horror

It was not 5 goals to the good...

RBR 161: Playoffs? Talking about Playoffs?

It's good to have a spot.


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