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Red Bull Rant

The Red Bull Rant Podcast featuring Once a Metro's Jason Iapicco, Empire of Soccer's Patrick MacDonald, and ESC's Truman.

Red Bull Rant 250: Red Bull Rant: The Movie

It’s time to wrap this up.

Red Bull Rant 248: In the Presence of Mine Enemies

Get those enemies out of my face.

Red Bull Rant 245: Grey Hairs and Growing Pains

At least we can relax a little this week.

Red Bull Rant 244: The Pyramid of Darkness

It really is dark in here.

Red Bull Rant 243: The Wrong Stuff

We haven’t had the right stuff in a while.

Red Bull Rant 242: 3 Goals to Darkness, PART II

Is there light in sight?

Red Bull Rant 241: The Palace of Doom

Indy is supposed to be able to avoid getting killed.

Red Bull Rant 240: In the Fire’s Pit

It really burn down there you guys.

Red Bull Rant 238: Once Upon a Draw

At least it’s not a loss?

Red Bull Rant 238: Draw in the Devil’s Cauldron

At least they didn’t end up empty handed.

Red Bull Rant 237: The Greenhouse Effect

Time for a heatwave

Red Bull Rant 235: The Traitor, Part One

Just, no. No.

Red Bull Rant 232: Royer Holiday

Work hard, play hard, vacation hard.

Red Bull Rant 233: Glamour Goals

It’s all about the style points.

Red Bull Rant 232: Kljestan Quakes

It was a localized occurrence.

Red Bull Rant 231: The Invaders

Invading the USOC Semi-finals for the first time in years.

Red Bull Rant 230: 3 Goals to Darkness

Out of the darkness, a hero shall rise!

Red Bull Rant 229: Not a Goal of a Chance

What about a chance of a goal? Nope?

Red Bull Rant 228: Red Card’s Glare

The goals busting in net

Red Bull Rant 227: A Stake in the Smurfs Heart

No one likes blue bloods anyway

Red Bull Rant 224: Arise BWP! Arise!

At least someone can score a goal.

Red Bull Rant 223: Outshined

Nothing is worse than being outshined at home.

Red Bull Rant 222: Cold Slither

I guess you can tread on the Red Bulls.

Red Bull Rant 221: Hearts and Cannons

Emotions and Weapons

Red Bull Rant 219: Operation Muyl Menace

He’s a menace all right.

Red Bull Rant 218: Chicken Claws are coming to town

No one really likes to do the chicken dance.

Red Bull Rant 217: 20 Questions

So, so many questions.

Red Bull Rant 216: The Rotten Egg

A goose egg on both sides is not good when you are at home.

Red Bull Rant 215: Seattle Soundwaves

At least they didn’t get shutout.

Red Bull Rant 214: Into the goal I will silently creep

Own goals for all!

Red Bull Rant 213: Sink the Atlanta

Pat and Truman talk through RBNY’s win in Georgia, events of the last week, and the game against the Rapids that lies ahead.

Red Bull Rant 212: Countdown for Sacha

It’s time for MLS action!


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