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MLS Insider: Great Scot

What is it about Kearny and soccer? Could be the Scottish influence. Could be something in the water. It's probably the latter, since it would appear that's all there is to drink in the local Scots-American club.

If you support New York Red Bulls, it has probably been pointed out to you that the club is not based in New York - not the city, not the state. It is, you may be surprised to learn, in fact based in New Jersey.

I know. It's a shock. Have a sit down.

Why would any soccer team seeking to be taken seriously build the best soccer specific stadium in America in Harrison, NJ? Because Hudson County - Kearny in particular - deserves respect for its contribution to the sport in this country. (What's that? It's also about local politics and simple practicality? That too - but stop spoiling my narrative. Thanks.)

Since you're sitting down anyway, have a look at this video. If for nothing else, what seems to be the unusual sight of five Scots sitting in a bar drinking pints of water.