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Anybody Want a Fake Shirt?

Pele didn't lose 6-0 to nobody.
Pele didn't lose 6-0 to nobody.

To go along with your fake team?

Let's take a minute off from playoff stress to have a laugh at America's favorite soccer brand that likes to masquerade as our "crosstown rival." The same "crosstown rival" that looks fondly back on a blackout in the midst of looting, vandalism, economic uncertainty, and a serial killer with t-shirts and stuff. But it was cool, man. You just had to be there.

But anyway, if you're an Xbox Live user and are looking for ways to spiff up your avatar, look no further than this white Cosmos graphic tee for the low, low price of 80 Microsoft Points.

Because, well, why the hell not. Unfortunately, you can't get any MLS gear aside from the the "rave green" home jersey of the Seattle Sounders, which was a limited time offer.