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Connecting the Dots/A Conspiracy Theory

There's going to be a few different Red Bulls coming out of that tunnel come next March.
There's going to be a few different Red Bulls coming out of that tunnel come next March.

Brian Lewis over at the Post did a whole lot of reporting earlier in the week about what the future might hold for the Red Bulls' roster.

To summarize the more important parts - the stuff we can assume isn't wanton speculation: Frank Rost is most likely gone, Soler is looking to lock up Joel Lindpere long term, the team is looking to get a physical central defender, the Bulls are looking to sign a central midfielder and that central midfielder might be a designated player. Either that or the new DP could be a striker.

That brings us to embattled defender/midfielder Rafael Marquez, who, strangely enough was suspended by the Mexican National Team ahead of their friendly against Serbia for "indiscipline," or so reports. If you'll notice, two of the positions the Red Bulls are taking applications for are positions Marquez plays.

This is where things might get a big murky, but if you'll indulge me for a minute Marquez has been linked to his old club, Atlas, who are floundering at the bottom of the Primera Division's standings.

To be fair, the quote from Atlas VP Victor Flores Cosio, translated in this article, is less "Marquez will be in an Atlas shirt next season" and more, well, read it for yourself:

"I am sure that he will arrive ... I don’t know whether it will be for next season or later, but he will end his career with Atlas."

But Marquez is more than receptive to it, or so it sounds:

"I would like to help Atlas get out of this situation it is in, but there has not been a formal approach ... I am ready to listen to see what they propose and what the possibilities are. First, they have to get in contact. I’m not ruling out anything."

All this, of course, runs contrary to Backe's "He will be in the team for next year," so if you take it for what it's worth, I'll try to stop writing about Marquez.