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New York Red Bulls European Vacation II: Electric Boogaloo

Truth be told, I'd rather have an Audi than a flight on the Emirates.
Truth be told, I'd rather have an Audi than a flight on the Emirates.

The prevailing logic around an Emirates Cup victory was that it would grease the wheels for some cup victories down the road.

Instead, the Bulls' stint in London had the same effect studying abroad had on your college girlfriend: She just can't wait to go back after spending a couple weeks abroad having drunk sex with foreign guys and amassing joke college credits while you work your soul-crushing summer job, completely oblivious.

With the 2012 edition of the Emirates Cup cancelled due to Summer Olympics, and a perfectly good tournament going on at roughly the same time, you would think the Bulls would stay stateside this summer and focus on winning an MLS Cup, an Open Cup or a Supporters Shield, you know, trophies that matter. That is, evidently, not the case.

While it isn't official yet, the idea of another tip to Europe is gaining steam. The team has said they would accept an invitation to the 2012 Audi Cup, a Bundesliga pre-season tournament at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, if they received one. Now Raza Deportiva, an ESPN Deportes Radio program, is reporting the Bulls will be taking part along with Boca Juniors, Bayern Munich and Manchester United.

So, it appears they're heading back to Europe for some mid-summer...err...mid-season fun, though it's the continent this time and not England.