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Wednesday Links 12/28/11

A weekly collection of links to satiate your Red Bull (team, not the drink) cravings. And some other links of interest.

Yes, I'm a little late, but the holiday threw me off. Anyway...

"The New York Red Bulls have had used 250 players in their history, nearly 50 more than the next team." [] sits down with Managing Director, and object of much fan scorn, Chris Heck. []

Former Bull, and all around class act, Juan Pablo Angel was #8 in the top 11 personalities in Southern California soccer, as per ESPN Los Angeles' Football Futbol Soccer blog. [ESPN Los Angeles]

The MLS "Wheel of Winning." Going clockwise every team beat the team next to it. [imgur], who we have to stop sending traffic to, sat down with Zac Lee Rigg of the Free Beer Movement. []

Pizza Hut Park is no longer Pizza Hut Park. Say hello to FC Dallas Stadium [ESPN Dallas]