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Wednesday Links 1/4/12

SA weekly collection of links to satiate your Red Bull (team, not the drink) cravings. And some other links of interest.

Joel Lindpere dangles a piece of meat over a pack of ravaging wolves to promote MLS for the 2-day-old NBC Sports Network (nee Versus). [YouTube]

Toronto FC's schedule got leaked. The Bulls will be meeting the Reds at home on June 16 and Sept. 29 and away on June 30. [Canadian Soccer News]

It might be a little alarmist, but Howard Medgal at Capital New York links the Red Bulls' marquee players and the players most likely to jump town (hint: They're pretty much the same guys). [Capital New York]

Want to see what Thierry Henry is going to look like in his Arsenal kit? Well, here it is. [Business Insider]

More on Henry: Big Apple Soccer's Michael Lewis says Henry is "putting his legend status at risk" with his loan. [Daily Mail]

Head Coach Hans Backe played a role in getting Swedish right back Adam Johansson to sign with the Seattle Sounders, talking up the league's quality. [Sounder at Heart]

St. John's coach Dave Masur sees the diminutive Connor Lade making an impact for the team []

Some of them are mundane, others seem pretty ballsy, but either way, 12 predictions for U.S. Soccer in 2012. [Major League Soccer Talk]

Preston Zimmerman, an American playing in Germany's third division, blows up on Twitter about the preponderance of German-Americans on the USMNT under the Klinsmann regime. [Free Beer Movement]