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Lade Scores, Relatives Comment On Game Story

This is possibly the most adorable thing in the world.

Connor Lade, who scored the Red Bulls' only goal late in the second half this weekend's preseason match against Mexican side Merida FC, hasn't quite been able to shake the embarrassing relative (relatives?) now that he's gone pro.

In the rather sparse comments section on the Red Bulls' game story, we find this message from Annmarie Lade Gibbs:

Congratulations Connor! We saw your tying goal against Merida. We are very proud of you! LOL , xoxoxo Mom Mom, Aunt Annmarie and Brian.
He can sign a pro contract, he can win a Big East soccer championship wherein he was named the Most Outstanding Defensive Player, he can earn a call up to the U.S. U-20 team and he can be named to the All-Big East team twice, he can learn to play centerback despite his small size and adapt to playing on the wing professionally, yet his family members still finds ways to be embarrassing.

Pro athletes. They really are just like us.