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Luis Robles to Red Bulls Not So Easy

Maybe not?
Maybe not?

We know the Red Bulls' goalkeeping situation is in flux (despite how highly the organization is talking about Ryan Meara) and we know MLS doesn't always have the simplest roster rules. So when the Red Bulls put a discovery claim on Luis Robles everyone in New York just shrugged and accepted it, while down in D.C. there was head scratching over how the Red Bulls could have possibly discovered a former D.C. United draft pick.

Empire of Soccer has a nice breakdown of the rules of allocation process versus discovery claims. Usually when a player has a USMNT cap and plays abroad - as Robles did against Haiti a few years back - he has to go through the allocation process. But apparently that wasn't the case. At first anyway.

Wednesday it was reported here that Robles would be in Harrison today to talk about a contract, but that same day, the Washington Post reports, the league told the Soler and Company that he would have to go through the allocation process.

So apparently he's not here, and he canceled his trip.

The Bulls certainly could use another goalkeeper, especially since Meara is inexperienced and Jeremy Vuolo is new to the league, but it's looking like that depth isn't coming from Robles.