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Hans Backe on Extra Time Radio

I don't think I've ever heard anyone use the word "definitely" more...
I don't think I've ever heard anyone use the word "definitely" more...

Seemingly every time a Red Bulls front office member goes on the radio they have something important to say. Remember last time, when Erik Soler shed some light on the Luke Rodgers visa situation?

Anyway, one of the guests this week was Hans Backe, and the important parts are transcribed, rather roughly, below, though the entire interview is worth a listen (it's about 13 minutes and starts at 4:18).

On off-season moves:

We of course got a Swedish guy, (Marcus) Holgersson, who's a tough competitive ceterback. Of course, Conde, who most of the MLS guys know. ... He should be quite fit for the opener. So you have to solid ones. And you have Keel and we'll try and sign another one.

On learning MLS:

"It's such an even league, of course because of the salary cap, allocation and things like that. So every game, if you compare it to other leagues in Europe you can find four or five teams who's always at the top. ... Every game you need to play at your best to win games, as soon as your play drops a little bit you'll lose those games."

On roster building:

"As I see it now we will have much better depth."

"Definitely already [unintelligible] we will have one or two on the bench and should be ready to do 20 or 25 minutes. ... Overall its definitely a more solid roster."

On the goalkeepers:

"I haven't decided (who our starter is) yet. ... Perhaps he (Ryan Meara) is a little head of Jeremy (Vuolo). Both are young and definetly have a future."

"We will add one more, if we add a veteran or not, we haven't decided yet."

On Luke Rodgers:

"He has an appointment March 8 I think it is. We'll know then if it is a yes or no."

"We have to wait for that answer. If it's a no, we have of course Kenny Cooper, Thierry Henry and Juan Agudelo at striker."

Player to watch:

"I would say, you could definitely look at one of the two goalies. The new guys who could be kind of a sensation. The guys who has impressed me so far ... is the left back Connor Lade. If he can keep up this level he has showed so far in games and our training sessions perhaps he could be very close to Roy Miller as a left back"

Goals for the season:

"I think we'll look even for the Open Cup this year ... We can definitely try and have that as a priority, too."

"We need to win something this year, one of these three cups."