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Right Back: Pearce or Holgersson?

Well, we certainly didn't see this coming...


The big news out of Red Bulls practice this afternoon was Markus Holgersson lining up at right back.

While it's not a ridiculous idea -- Holgersson did play right back in Sweden and is an underrated passer -- fans would be forgiven for wondering if he has the speed to play wide. Plus, who figured the Red Bulls would resort to Holgersson, or Heath Pearce, according to reports from the New York Post, at right back with Brandon Barklage and Kosuke Kimura on the roster?

But Head Coach Mike Petke is considering putting one of the two out there. His rationale: Holgersson had played there before as noted, and Pearce...

"Heath also his first year in Dallas; he played right back and was arguably the best right back in the league that year. So we have options, like I said; Kosuke and Brandon as well. We're just starting to explore these things."

As for Kimura and Barklage, neither has really impressed. At the same time, though, neither have played well enough to make the position theirs or poorly enough to give it up. While Petke says they're still in play, it seems likely someone else will not get a look in a sort of so-crazy-it-just-might-work-type move.