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The Red Bulls Finally Get Some Media Coverage... Too Bad It's About YSA

The Red Bulls gave fans some incentive to stop doing the oft-derided "YSA" chant and everyone is picking up the story.


The Red Bulls haven't quite joined the pantheon of New York sports media. They're rarely talked about on WFAN, they've never graced the back pages of the New York Post or the Daily News. Those outlets set the tone for much of the New York sports scene and if you're only getting your sports news there, the Red Bulls are so far off their radar, they might as well not even exist.

But they do exist, and they've got a big game against the Montreal Impact this weekend. Oh, and they've offered some incentive for fans to stop chanting "you suck, asshole" at opposing goalkeepers.

Guess what everyone's talking about?

This morning Boomer and Carton talked about it on their eponymous WFAN talk show. And News 12 New Jersey asks if the Red Bulls should "pay fans to stop chanting expletives."

So there you have it. The Red Bulls finally get some media attention. And it's got nothing to do with the play on the field.