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YSAGate is Now International News. Hooray.

The Red Bulls' attempt to rid the South Ward of the "you suck, asshole" chant is now international news.


The world over, the Red Bulls, for better or worse, are known as the team Thierry Henry plays for.

Now, they're known as the team bribing their fans to stop hurling vulgarities at opposing goalkeepers.

Earlier this week it came out that the Red Bulls, prodded by the league to rid the stands of the sophomoric-but-still popular "you suck, asshole" chant, decided to go with incentive method rather than the unsuccessful shut-up-or-get-out method employed by other teams.

Yesterday, the news was picked up by WFAN's Boomer and Carton and was News 12 New Jersey's question of the day. Today, it made its way into the New York Post. And into the Toronto Star. And


The Red Bulls are six back in Supporters' Shield race in a season where no one seems to want to win it and three points behind the Montreal Impact, who lead the East and who they're scheduled to play Saturday. They've got a rookie head coach who, despite some growing pains, is settling in with a roster thrown together in the off-season.

But no, the Red Bulls are the team who's bribing their fans to stop doing a stupid chant (even if that isn't really the story). Hooray.