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RBNY in USL Pro? Who knows.

The situation with "RBNY 2" is still unknown.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, we got hints of a New York Red Bulls USL Pro franchise with the release of the conference alignments. It was also reported by Franco Panzio of SBI Soccer, so it seemed like a done deal, just waiting for the official announcement. Now, we're not really sure.

2015 USL Map

As most sites do at the end of a year or season, USL Pro is running through their top stories in 2014, including the massive expansion of the league, with 12 new teams set to start in 2015. Noticeably missing from the list however is the aforementioned RBNY team.

MLS clubs will also be joining the Galaxy II with their own sides beginning play in USL PRO next year. FC Montreal (Montreal Impact), Real Monarchs (Real Salt Lake), Portland Timbers 2, Seattle Sounders FC 2, Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2, and Toronto are also confirmed as participants for 2015, adding an extra injection of talent into the league.

Note the use of the word "confirmed". We have never heard official word of "Red Bulls 2", so there would be a very valid reason for the omission if this was the case. The question has to be though, if the team (which has been rumored to be coming since 2013) is indeed going to happen, why hasn't the Red Bulls announced it? What are they waiting on? Without a MLS Reserve League, they are required to either create a USL Pro team of affiliate with one, so we're going to know the plans sooner or later. Why not just announce the plans and get interest going?


I want to thank Chad Hollingsworth of Reckless Challenge for his responses to this story on Twitter, as it seems that the Red Bulls are indeed part of USL Pro going forward.

The part to pay attention to in that release is the mention of the Red Bulls.

I look forward to reigniting our rivalry with Montreal and Toronto,  and starting a new one with the NY Red Bulls.