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Red Bulls Paper Revue: September 26, 2022

Gerhard Struber eats food, Andres Reyes has his eyes on Europe, and Damien Perrinellen continues to climb the coaching ladder in this week’s links

New York Red Bulls Vs Montreal Impact
Damien Perrinelle continues to climb the coaching ladder at Monaco.
Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

Welcome to the New York Red Bulls Paper Revue presented by Once a Metro.

I hate how people say “to make a long story short” at the end of their stories. They should say that at the beginning, then I can decide whether to walk away or not. It’s like people who order dessert first when dining out in order to determine whether a restaurant is good.

Nobody does that,” you reply, stupidly.

Actually, former Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Hollis Thomas would order cheesecake as his first course in order “to see if the food is any good.”

Here’s this week’s top story.


The best part of international week(s) is the interviews! This week’s discussion is a real treat.

Gerhard Struber went back to Austria to hang out and chill in a variety of places, accompanied by a camera crew. The Red Bulls manager went to a restaurant and ate some food, which is nice. Next came a good old-fashioned hangout at his old stomping grounds of SV Kuchl, sitting in the stands of his old arena in which he coached from 2012 through 2014.

Unfortunately, the entire interview is conducted in Austr-… German without any available subtitles. I’ll keep an eye out for videos or articles transcribing his quotes. Until then, enjoy the visuals of Struber eating and sitting in an empty stadium.


You may not be aware, but Andrés Reyes is having a pretty okay time since returning to the Red Bulls. While sitting on 11 appearances, he’s crushing notable statistics like pressures, tackles, interceptions, and aerial duels. With Colombia fresh off a 4-1 win over Guatemala at Red Bull Arena, Diario AS talked to the center back, who is encroaching on the fringes of the national team picture.

His beginning with the Red Bulls was difficult. “I’m better now,” said Reyes. “At the beginning, I arrived [and] it was somewhat difficult because of the adaptation to the club, to the game methodology that we have. Now I’m fine and I feel like I’m part of them... I would have liked to continue in Miami, but the circumstances and opportunities go by and one has to decide. My decision and the best opportunity I had was to come here.”

And how does he get along with the manager? “At the beginning it wasn’t easy for me because in my head there wasn’t the direct game like we play here,” shared the 23-year-old from Cauca. “Here it is one, two or three touches and we are going to look for the opposite arc. That for me, in the first three months, was something strange, like in my mind thinking that not everyone would go up. In the end you have to fit in and I did so.”

Reyes hopes to head to Europe within the next two-to-three years, which seems like a doable goal. Spain and England are the ideal destinations, although I’m sure he won’t be too picky. Italy, France, and Germany are also nice with plenty of clubs that could use a physical, technical center back.


On August 11th, the Red Bulls II announced the signing of Omar Valencia from C.D. Plaza Amador through the end of the 2022 USL Championship season. The deal features the opportunity to extend the loan and an option to buy. The 18-year-old defender has “good speed and tools on both sides of the ball,” according to Denis Hamlett. He appeared with Panama during the 2022 CONCACAF U-20 Championship.

Well, folks, wait no longer for his arrival! Plaza Amador announced on the club’s official Instagram page that Valencia is heading to the United States. Red Bulls II have… three… matches remaining this season, rendering the move a very long trial in order to determine whether he will stick around next year.


Remember last week when Internacional midfielder Johnny Cardoso was connected to the Red Bulls?

Well, there’s some other interest from Europe. According to journalist Lucas Collar, Udinese and Real Betis are targeting the Brazilian-American midfielder in the next transfer window. He continues to be monitored by clubs in Major League Soccer, but I sincerely doubt any of them plan on breaking the bank for him.

Internacional turned down a transfer offer of six million dollars for him in the past, and his buyout totals sixty million euro. While the Red Bulls may need a few central midfield additions next season, I wouldn’t put too much stock in this elapsed rumor. In fact, I would forget you read any of this and try to fill your brain with more important information.

Start with this: the English spelling of “esophagus” is “oesophagus.”


One-time transfer target Dominik Baumgartner was connected with moves all year. The Wolfsberger AC midfielder ended up going… nowhere. However, there’s still a chance of an eventual transfer… somewhere.

Kicker decided to ask if a journey abroad was still appealing to the former Austrian youth international. “Absolutely, but it just has to fit,” said Baumgartner. “I can’t imagine moving to exotic countries like Latvia. I’m also not a big fan of Belgium. If so, then it has to be in a top league. It’s entirely possible, but I won’t think about that until the time comes.”

First of all, that’s oddly dismissive of Latvia, which I’ve heard is lovely. Secondly, I thought he was going to launch into Colin Farrell’s speech from In Bruges about why Belgium sucks. Last-er-ly, I guess that permanently rules out the Red Bulls and MLS, but who knows?


When AS Monaco needed someone to run the reserves and steer the club’s youth to the next level, there was only one man for the job: Damien Perrinelle. After a rebuild and reformatting of the development pyramid, he leads the Elite Group, which I have personally dubbed “Academy Plus.” The team faces various French semi-professional squads and competes against a variety of the world’s best reserve groups, which is described as “a mini-Champions League.”

How did Perrinelle even get the position? “This decision to take over the Elite Group came quite naturally in the end, after the Club’s solicitation,” said the 39-year-old. “For me it was the logical continuation of my progression and my development. It all came together, with a bit of apprehension at first, of course. But very quickly I felt comfortable, and today I am certain that it was the right direction to take. Honestly, for two months it has been a lot of learning and work, but there is also a lot of fun. This was one of my missions at the beginning, to support young people... I find that there is a lot of affection with the new generation, and it’s great to forge links, to enter into a more personal relationship with them.”

Some lessons gleaned in Major League Soccer have influenced his coaching strategy. “I’m not there to tell them what’s wrong, but rather to explain to them what points they have to work on, and what they’re doing well,” shared the former center back and occasional electro DJ. “We are in a positive process, and it is in line with what I experienced in the United States. And I really feel like this generation needs that: encouragement rather than blame.”

This is quite the experience for the young manager, who is gaining experience at one of the world’s top clubs. Working with an eclectic group of young players with a focus on performance development certainly sounds like the type of résumé that would interest the Red Bulls in a few years. Maybe Perrinelle will end up back in MLS sooner rather than later.

Or, hey, maybe he won’t. I don’t care. It’s his life.


As you probably recall, Hans Backe is an expert horse breeder. The former Red Bulls manager sold his horse, Greenshoe, for over $12 million dollars, which established him as a power player in the equine industry. He’s become fully invested and enjoys the new role, committing himself to learning and studying.

“I sit and read every day about the breeding part and learn all the time,” said Backe. “I usually sit and review all the 17 races [Greenshoe] did… I remember the announcer at the Meadowlands racetrack. He was shocked by Greenshoe. [It was] said that a horse like this was only born about ten during a hundred-year period and that is really so.”

Currently, Backe owns “too many” horses. His stable totals an incredible 17 majestic beasts. He hopes to begin selling a few off, which I imagine is similar to the transfer market.

Actually, let’s not compare soccer players to horses.


Where was Joel Lindpere last week?

If you guessed at the “Seat Only Qualifier” poker competition at the Festival Bratislava, then you would be right! You probably cheated and looked it up, but you’re right! He guested on the Twitch livestream, which was undoubtedly invigorating and entertaining.

Here’s a joke that was submitted by Keziah of Cresskill.

The only seat my husband qualifies for is a toilet seat.

Thank you, Keziah. You have a way with words.


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