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Curtis: USL Pro will happen for New York Red Bulls

Ali Curtis said something meaningful! (Albeit "off the record" an event that was being live tweeted and recorded by attendees.)

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Quite a lot was said at the New York Red Bulls' Town Hall, and a surprising amount of it wasn't incoherent rage countered by bland and logically inconsistent talking points.

The club has said it will post full audio of the event.

Thank you, RBNY.

This was, after all, a meeting which was kicked off by Frank Isola of the New York Daily News stating "this is all off the record". The club's promised actions would suggest otherwise, but in respect of the opening remarks of the Town Hall's emcee...Off the record, Ali Curtis sources close to the situation said,

"About an hour and a half ago, I just received a signed agreement from USL Pro. So we'll start that next year..."

And then he unfortunately was drowned out. On the audio, it sounds a little like he says "for the second half..." but the details will emerge on the record soon enough. (Since he was cut off, let's assume "next year" means this year - 2015 - but also acknowledge he didn't quite get the chance to elaborate.)

In the meantime, congratulations Mr. Curtis anonymous source who may or may not be in a position to know about this stuff. That is welcome news, and a substantive and clear statement of something that will happen and has an obvious benefit to the operation of this soccer team.

More like that, please. Less "vision", more action. And yes, Mr. Curtis said it. Don't worry, Ali, we won't let the best piece of news you've broken since you arrived at RBNY be smothered by a counter-productive attempt to stifle its dissemination.

In return, more stuff like that, please: less "vision", more action.

( know...the stuff that is a hammer blow to the identity of the club, its past achievements, those who achieved them, and those who cheered and followed the team through it all.)