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Rumors: The growing list of MLS teams linked to Manchester United's Bastian Schweinsteiger

FC Dallas is merely the most recent MLS club to find itself connected to Schweini by the rumor mill.

Lars Baron/Getty Images

If you believe the rumor mill, there will be a lot of famous German soccer players in the near future. Miroslav Klose is alleged to have some sort of deal arranged to play in the USA; Lukazs Podolski has said he is open to the idea of playing in America - possibly in the company of compatriot Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Of the three, Klose is the least employed (he has been a free agent since leaving Lazio this summer), but Schweinsteiger is most obviously in need of a new club. Despite having won 121 caps for Germany, eight Bundesliga titles, one UEFA Champions League trophy, and the 2014 World Cup, Schweini has been frozen out at Manchester United. Indeed, he is reported to have been quite literally written off by the Premier League club.

Schweinsteiger needs a new place to play, and since Man U has taken the trouble to budget for his departure in the club's accounts, it seems unlikely the fact he is under contract until 2018 will be allowed to be a hindrance. His club wants him out, and he just needs to decide where to go (or, if he prefers, keep collecting that salary Man United is contractually obligated to pay him whether he plays or not).

The rumor mill has, of course, noticed Schweinsteiger's predicament. MLS has long been on the list of possible Schweini destinations: he was linked to the league (and the New York Red Bulls) back in early 2015.

In late, 2016, as his situation at Manchester United worsens, he has more recently been connected to a steadily growing list of clubs in MLS. LA Galaxy and, yes, New York Red Bulls are rarely not mentioned when a famous player is thought to be interested in moving to America - and they remain occasional visitors to the ongoing Schweini speculation.

Schweinsteiger said something nice about New York at a press conference: add New York City Football Club to the list. Atlanta United, Minnesota United, and Chicago Fire landed in a heap on the Schweini-to-MLS rumor pile at the beginning of September. And at the end of September, we can add FC Dallas to the list.

FCD's President, Dan Hunt, told German outlet Spox that he was a Schweinsteiger fan. "Football club president admires world-famous footballer" is not in itself big news. Still, Hunt gamely declined to nip the rumor in the bud:

...Currently we have only one Designated Player seat available and wanted to fill this with a striker. Maybe that changes, we'll see.

We'll add FCD to the list, Dan.

Hunt's comments neatly coincided with Don Garber's words to Eurosport. Even via Google Translate, the MLS Commissioner brings the smooth polish of a press release to any discussion of a potential high-profile asset for his league:

Should Schweinsteiger continue his unique career, we would appreciate it if he thinks about the MLS.

Of course you would, Don.

Garber (or Barber, if you read the Daily Star) did say he wasn't aware of any serious talks between Schweinsteiger and teams in MLS - but it's not really his place to say anything different.

Schweinsteiger turned 32 in August. His issues at Manchester United do not have to mean he retires from the game. He is expected to move on as soon as he finds a satisfactory destination. And the rumor mill will doubtless continue to select MLS clubs for him to consider for as long as he remains stranded in Manchester.