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Report: Swindon Town alleged to be subject of Red Bull takeover; taken over by Tim Sherwood instead

The rumor that Red Bull was looking for an English club to take over barely had time to be refuted before an enterprising club with some news to share had got itself linked to a RB rebrand.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Depending on whose anonymous sources you choose to trust, Red Bull is either stalking England in search of new club to add to its global soccer family, or it is doing no such thing.

What is indisputable, however, is Red-Bull-is-coming-for-your-football-club remains one of the more reliable bogeyman stories in English football.

Leeds United fans have been dealing with such rumors for a long time. Nottingham Forest supporters have had a more recent taste of Red-Bull-takeover gossip. And now Swindon Town fans have had a passing brush with a Red-Bull-wants-your-team rumor.

It's not entirely clear why Red Bull was linked to Swindon, but it certainly helped to draw attention to the fact the club was having a press conference.

And Swindon's PR staff did not discourage the Red Bull rumor...

...until it was time to reveal the real news.

Tim Sherwood is, of course, quite capable of serving as Director of Football for Swindon under new ownership. But his appointment would appear to have more to do with the club's present leadership than any future plan for adoption into the Red Bull Global Soccer family.

Quite possibly not the last time Red Bull finds its alleged ambitions exploited by a club with its own news to share.