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Report: Anatole Abang to join Danish club BK Avarta

Say what?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

A confident report from states the New York Red Bulls' Anatole Abang has decided to join Danish club BK Avarta.

The piece by Christou Dobena is quite a read.

Abang's fall from grace at RBNY has been clear for all to see: his first team opportunities dried up, even before the club shipped in additional attacking help. At 20, already on the radar of his national team, and still a high-frequency scorer at the USL level for NYRB II, it might have been hoped Abang's apparently stalled progress with the Red Bulls was simply a minor setback for the player.

Dobena's report, however, describes an increasingly frustrated Abang, moving on to get his career back on track after failing to receive adequate explanation for his demotion from the first team squad. Faced with an untenable situation, the player pretty much had to move: such is the explanation for the apparent flight of one of RBNY's more talented young players to the third tier of Danish pro soccer. expects Abang to be introduced by his new club in about a week ("next Friday", to be precise).

At the time of writing, RBNY had not announced Abang's departure, though he did not feature for NYRB II last week, nor has he been spotted with the first team squad in El Salvador for CONCACAF Champions League.

He has become the forgotten man of RBNY's first team. And therefore it would not be surprising to learn he's left the club.

The Red Bulls will presumably confirm or deny in due course.