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Feuerstein’s Fire #342 on Once a Metro

American Soccer Talk with some Red Bulls

Feuerstein’s Fire On Once a Metro

Welcome back to another exciting show on American Soccer as the Feuerstein’s Fire American Soccer Show is bringing you Episode #342 as we get ready to preview two big World Cup Qualifiers and see if the USA will go to the World Cup or to playoff.

Live tonight at 8PM EDT - 5PM PDT as I will be joined by Robert Hay of Soccer Minnows as well as Kartik Krishnaiyer of World Soccer Talk. The final two World Cup Qualifiers of this Hex and the full six points is on the line.

Orlando City will host Panama while the USA will travel back to the Caribbean and take on Trinidad & Tobago in a venue that is very small and we shall see if they can get the necessary points to avert disaster.

This is going to be a challenging time for Bruce Arena as the boys are up against the wall and need to make sure that there will be no mistake what so ever. These two games are must wins and it starts in the Purple Palace on Church Street near the Magic Kingdom.

Then the second division segment where I recap the scores from both the NASL & USL sides respectively, then the Red Bulls Hour as I recap the home draw against DC United and the loss at Toronto FC.


USA WCQ PREVIEW: Kartik Krishnaiyer & Robert Hay joins me to preview the games against Panama & Trinidad & Tobago
2ND DIVISION SEGMENT: Recapping the games of the NASL & USL
RED BULLS HOUR: Recapping the home draw to DC & the road loss at TFC & some news from Paul Tenorio of four-four-two that could effect the last playoff spot for RBNY