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Reports: New York Red Bulls have found new assistant coach, looking for new center back

Jesse Marsch has opened up a little on RBNY's ongoing hunt for a coach and a defender.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Reporting for Metro (no relation), Kristian Dyer brings updates of the New York Red Bulls ongoing search for an assistant coach to replace Denis Hamlett (now RBNY Sporting Director) and a defender to add depth to the squad now Gideon Baah has officially been ruled out for the 2017 season.

The hunt for Hamlett's replacement is concluded, per Red Bulls head coach Jesse MarschHe told Dyer:

We’ve made a decision and come to an agreement with a coach , we’re not ready to announce it yet but hopeful in the next couple of weeks that it all becomes clear...

Sounds like incoming assistant coach might still have to work through two weeks notice at for whomever is currently employing the next addition to the RBNY staff.

The news that Gideon Baah was out for the season broke about a week ago, and it was during last week's training that Jesse Marsch confirmed to Kristian Dyer (reporting for MSG on that occasion; keep up) that the Red Bulls were indeed "evaluating" their options for a replacement.

The team seems to have plenty of roster flexibility at the moment, including the ability to bring in another international player - Marsch also confirmed to Dyer this week (via MSG) that Bradley Wright-Phillips has his Green Card - and the limited-time option of getting a Baah replacement as an off-budget signing.

It is possible that Fredrik Gulbrandsen has been added to the roster as the "season-ending injury replacement player" RBNY is allowed to sign now Baah has been written out of the first team squad for the year. The Red Bulls don't have to take advantage of the rule allowing a replacement to be signed off-budget, but if they do, they must do so before the close of the current MLS transfer window in May.

In his training-ground comments on the matter, Marsch described a club that is aware of its options, but also seemingly in no hurry to make a move until it is convinced it has identified the right player.

We’ll see, we’ll see what’s available, we’ll see in the short-term as in before May but also the potential in the summer window.

Dyer also reported Marsch suggesting the search for a new defender had taken "an international flavor", and that the coach would be happy if the club was able to "integrate someone from Red Bull II".

To recap: RBNY is actively seeking an additional defender for its MLS squad, and the player might be acquired from outside the US or inside the club, before May or during the summer. Few coaches in MLS succeed in revealing so little about their team's intentions in the course of saying so much.

The official RBNY website offers some clarification: the preference is for a younger player, perhaps one just starting out. Per Andrew Vazzano reporting for, Marsch said, "I think it would be a young player that we can continue to integrate here for years to come."

So don't expect a straight replacement for Baah - who landed at RBNY as a prospective starter - but do expect his position on the roster to be filled. Eventually.