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Anyone know where Anatole Abang might be?

Cos Jesse Marsch doesn't.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Anatole Abang's loan to SJK in Finland was abruptly terminated on May 10. It was a loan due to run to at least July, with an option to extend through the end of 2018 - from which it could be deduced that Abang is under contract with the New York Red Bulls for another 18 months or so.

He is still listed as a player on RBNY's roster. He is still listed as on loan.

We know from past experience that MLS is apparently quite comfortable with a player being on loan to nowhere: this is the second time this year that Abang has had loan cut short, and he doesn't appear any more likely to return to the Red Bulls this time than last.

Indeed, per RBNY head coach Jesse Marsch, the club might not even know where Abang is at the moment. In the build-up to the Red Bulls' game against Toronto, Marsch told reporters at the RBNY Training Facility that he didn't have much idea of what the future held for Abang:

I don't have an update...Still trying to figure out where he is and what the details are.

We'll assume Marsch means "still trying to figure out where he is" metaphorically, referencing the fact the player seems to have lost his way since being loaned out to Hobro in Denmark last summer and now mulling his second prematurely terminated loan inside six months.

But just in case he was speaking literally - if you know where Anatole Abang is, please do give RBNY a heads up.