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Rumor: Bristol City eyeing New York Red Bulls' Kemar Lawrence

Probably not the last rumor about Lawrence we'll be hearing this summer.

Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Well-sourced reporter Kristian Dyer has unearthed the news New York Red Bulls fans would prefer not to hear, but won't be surprised to learn: Kemar Lawrence is attracting the attention of foreign clubs again.

Bristol City finished 17th in the 2016-17 Championship, and even its own supporters would hesitate to describe it as one of English football's glamour clubs. But as long as it remains in the second tier of England's pro-soccer set-up, it is one good season away from the Premier League. And it has long been an established stepping stone for players hoping to attract the attention of bigger - or at least richer - clubs.

Rumored interest from the Robins isn't traditionally the way to start a summer transfer bidding war, but that might be the primary reason for this story to concern RBNY fans: Bristol City interest isn't necessarily something to brag about, but it is the sort of club that might plausibly be interested in an under-valued, international-caliber left back.