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Red Bulls Waive Gulbrandsen

After 11 games Gulbrandsen is gone.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Sporting KC
Gulbrandson is on Waivers
Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Bulls are currently going on a road funk, at the same time they haven’t been the same since the changing of the roster as well as a changing of formation before going back to the old ways.

In a shocking and interesting move the New York Red Bulls have decided to put Fredrik Gulbrandsen on waivers after getting him on loan from their sister club Red Bull Salzburg.

Gulbrandsen played in eleven games with four starts and nearly scored at Sporting Kansas City, but was thwarted by Tim Melia. Other than that, it doesn’t look like he got any form of a real chance to prove his worth to the side and now looks like he will be picked up or possibly sent back to Salzburg.

It just felt that the energy he provided was good to get the guys going, but now it looks like his services will not be needed. Is there a different route that Marsch is going through? is this new trialist Alex Bosetti that was reported by Kristian Dyer of MSG Network possibly the new part that is needed to fix this puzzle?

We shall have to wait and see when or if these new changes will help the club get to where they need to go, but at the moment it looks like there is trouble in Red Bull land right now and hopefully this week off will help them get back on track in the mental department.