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Feuerstein’s Fire #333 on Once a Metro

American Soccer and RBNY discussions with some Gold Cup Sprinkled in

Feuerstein’s Fire on Once a Metro

Well the CONCACAF Gold Cup is almost coming to an end. The USA and Jamaica are going to be in this edition’s final as these two sides will fight to see who is the best in this confederation and in this region.

But before we crown a new champion let’s go ahead and recap some of the things that really got us interested in what happened with this tournament. Obviously we go to Mr. Nathan Carr who will recap the Caribbean sides that played in this edition’s tournament.

He will review Martinique, Curacao, French Guiana & Jamaica’s run to the final. Yes there will be discussions about the whole Florent Maluda situation as he was not eligible to play on the island of his birth and was apart of France’s National Team.

Discussing the big moments of Martinique as they almost got help to advance into the knockout stage, sadly the draw with El Salvador and Jamaica wasn’t enough for them. Jamaica on a huge run and why they are a big yo-yo good, yo-yo bad type of side that can’t get things straightened out.

Now we shall see if the USA will crush their dreams or will Jamaica become the first nation to win the Gold Cup outside of the North Zone. Canada has won this tournament in the 2000 edition.

Speaking about Canada how about that group stage for the CSA as they looked to have improved under Octavio Zambrano. Duane Rollins of the 24th minute blog and of Soccer Today on the Sports Podcasting Network joins me to discuss the upgrades.

Then the Red Bulls hour to discuss the victory at Minnesota against Minnesota United FC with a three goals to nil victory, Royer, BWP & Muyl convert to help Robles get a clean sheet.


NATHAN CARR: Recaps the Caribbean sides in the Gold Cup from the Home of Caribbean Football .com
DUANE ROLLINS: 24th Minute Blog and Soccer Today on Canada’s tournament
RED BULLS HOUR: Recapping 1-0 win by USL Bulls on TFC 2, MLS Bulls 3-0 win at MNUFC