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Feuerstein’s Fire #335 on Once a Metro

American Soccer Show and sprinkle some Red Bulls talk.

Feuerstein’s Fire on Once a Metro

Welcome back my friends to the show that continues to spark debate about the game in our country. (Did you think I was going to steal Jason Iapicco’s opening line from the Red Bull Rant?) as the Feuerstein’s Fire American Soccer show is back on Once a Metro.

Listen live tonight at 8PM EDT - 5PM PDT as I have on two amazing guests for the opening hour. We all know that DC United is having a horrible season and as RBNY supporters you are enjoying this, but we need to know what’s going on from the DC Perspective.

Chris Webb of the former Unitedmania Blog & Podcast will join me to discuss what is going on with the Nation’s Capital Soccer club that continues to play woeful soccer and is the main remedy is to cut loose Ben Olsen?

Then we have Nick Seuberling who is the host of the podcast simulcast on You Tube & Facebook Live Cincinnati Soccer Talk. He will join me to discuss the big Quarterfinal win over Miami FC in the US Open Cup and where will the club go from here with this magical run.

2nd Division talk is back as I recap the matches from the NASL & USL games as well as inform you of the upcoming games in both leagues. In the Red Bulls Hour I will have Martin Bihl who covers NYCFC for Last Word on Soccer opening the second hour on the 3-2 win by the team in Blue.

Also will discuss the USL Bulls first win over the Rochester Rhinos at the Montclair State Soccer park as John Wolyniec has had plenty of chances against Bob Lilly’s side outside of the playoff Quarterfinal Shootout win last year.


CHRIS WEBB: Former United mania blogger & Podcast host on the state of DC United
NICK SEUBERLING: Host of Cincinnati Soccer Talk on the clubs US Open Cup QF Win
2ND DIVISION: Recapping the matches in the NASL & USL
RED BULL HOUR: Martin Bihl joins me to recap the 3-2 loss to NYCFC & then USL Bulls first win against the Rochester Rhinos