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Feuerstein’s Fire: NASL v USSF Lawsuit Update with Rocco Commisso

Don’t miss this one.

Feuerstein’s Fire American Soccer Internet Radio Show

The new soccer Season is upon us and once again the Feuerstein’s Fire American Soccer Show is back on Once a Metro.

Tonight’s show is live at 8PM EST - 5PM PST, and it will be a special one. My guests will join me in discussing an update on the lawsuit filed by the North American Soccer League against the US Soccer Federation.

My panel is a group that has followed this issue closely: Kartik Krishnaiyer of World Soccer Talk (@kkfla737), Neil Morris of WRAL in Cary, North Carolina (@ByNeilMorris), and sports law expert Miki Turner in Seattle, Washington (@turneresq).

But the big guest joining us at the of the show is New York Cosmos owner, Rocco Commisso. He will update us all on the progress of the NASL’s legal dispute with USSF, and answer questions from the panel. This is the second time Commmisso has been on my show and it is a delight and a pleasure to be able to speak with him again.

So join me live tonight at 8PM EST - 5PM PST and listen in to this discussion.

Feuerstein’s Fire is committed to bringing you the most informed discussions of American soccer from American soccer’s most-informed. Listen live or browse the archives at Blog Talk Radio.


ROCCO COMMISSO: Owner of the NY Cosmos