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Sacir Hot gets his FC Motown ready for the playoffs

The NPSL side is getting ready for their first playoff match against FC Monmouth

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As the MLS Season continues to roll on, there are some teams within the area that are already starting to prepare for their playoffs as they spend a short regular season. Once again we turn our attention to the amateur club known as FC Motown (Morristown).

After a solid nine wins out of ten matches in the Keystone Conference of the Northeast region former Red Bulls defender and current head coach of FC Motown Sacir Hot will get his side ready for a their first playoff match up in the NPSL against FC Monmouth

The Match will be played on the campus of Drew University of Madison, NJ on Wednesday, July 11th and it should be a fun time and you wonder how Sacir Hot is feeling about the first season in the NPSL

“I thought it was a success. We have a pretty deep roster with about 36 players and every single one of them has helped in a certain way.” said Hot, “Us being kind of an amateur hybrid college team if you want to call it that.

A lot of our guys have been in and out with real world stuff responsibilities, I think we’ve dealt with that in a good fashion which contributed with our success. It’s not easy when the guys have 9 to 5 jobs and have families to take care of to play for free.”

Let’s not forget that he has also a few former MLS players like Dilly Duka who scored three goals in the 2018 US Open Cup, two against the Red Bulls U-23 PDL squad and the lead against Penn FC till they got blown out in the second round.

“I think from my perspective he did a lot of great things for the club off the field than what he did on the field. Sure he scored goals to help us get thru some of the games and after the end of games I wasn't happy with the run of play, but Dilly found ways to calm down those situation when it looked like it might have gotten out of hand.”

Playing against sides from Central to South Jersey and those in Eastern and Central Pennsylvania shows how tough this certain conference is and how close by each side is within a few miles or a few hours within each other.

But this match against FC Monmouth will not be easy as they will be a tough side to face. If Sacir Hot’s side does make a huge playoff run, they could automatically be heading back to the US Open Cup for the 2019 edition.

So head over to Ranger Stadium on the campus of Drew University in Madison, NJ and see what’s going to happen if Sacir Hot’s side can start to make a run in the NPSL playoffs and hopefully take the title. The match will be played on Wednesday, July 11th at 7PM.